Upcoming Eco Tourism In 2018

 Explore Cayuga - Tourism on the Teal in 2018!

The Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom is excited to announce a new eco-tourism program for Cayuga Lake in 2018!

We're raising money right now to acquire a boat which will allow us to expand our programming and do more eco-tourism cruises. The MV Teal was designed as passenger-tour vessel and comfortably accommodates over 60 passengers. We look forward to offering relaxing, interpretive lake tours for individual visitors and groups, along with a variety of special events highlighting the close connections between Finger Lakes products, people and natural resources.

The Floating Classroom offers educational programs for schools and community groups throughout the year, but an Explore Cayuga eco-cruise aboard Teal will not be school!  Visitors will enjoy comfortable accommodations, spectacular views, an attentive crew, and opportunities to sample seasonal products, from apples to wine. 

Our crew sees themselves as ambassadors to the Finger Lakes!  We look forward to sharing information and personal insights to make your visit a wonderful Finger Lakes experience!


Supporting Environmental Literacy and Equity   All proceeds from our tourist cruises will support the Floating Classroom’s Educational MissionVisitors may also have a chance to meet youth educators and participate in community science projects they are managing on the lake. 


Cruise Schedule & Charter Details   We will have a new name, website, and cruise schedule, available by January 2018.  In the meantime, please contact Bill Foster at floatingclassroom@gmail.com, for charter inquiries. 

A Note On Our Environmental Impact

The Teal runs on twin diesel engines.  While we would love to go fossil-fuel-free, there are few practical alternatives.  We expect to mitigate our consumption, however, is with bio-diesel and solar-assist as quickly as possible.  Our crew is also working to ensure that only clean, highly filtered water exits our boat.  Down the road, we will give some thought to converting to full battery power.  That will be a big project, though - we’ll have to see how things go for the first couple years on Cayuga.