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Trout In The Classroom

From late October through May of the following year, students throughout Tompkins County &  surrounding communities are raising trout, from eggs to fry, right in their classrooms! 
2016-2017 Participating Schools:

All 8 Ithaca City Elementary Schools
Newfield Middle School
Groton Middle School
Dryden Elementary
Lansing Elementary & High School
Trumansburg Middle School
South Seneca Elementary
Union Springs Middle School

For more info, visit our program blog!


Enjoy this quick slide tour of the program!

What Is Trout in the Classroom?
Every fall, we help participating classes set up cold-water trout aquariums, and then deliver trout eggs to them. This picture shows a newly hatched trout alevin under a classroom digital projector.
Over the next 6 months, the students care for the trout, monitor aquarium water quality, and learn a great deal about streams!
In the spring, classes take field trips to local streams to release their trout fingerlings. Just as they have learned to care for their trout, we hope they will continue to care for their newly adopted streams.













Project Goals

1. Academic Enrichment: We hope that classroom trout aquariums will provide a platform for hands-on learning that can further engage students in science, fine arts and other subject areas.

2. Sustainability: We hope to equip new generations with skills and knowledge that will ensure healthy waterways and robust populations of native trout in the future.