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Financial Aid Programs

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for everyone, regardless of financial means. To ensure that cost is not a barrier, we have a simple and successful approach. We will calculate the full value of your program, ask you to take responsibility for as much as you can afford, and cover the balance through our Community Access Program. Each year, with the help of public and private donations, we provide roughly $25,000 in scholarships for schools and community organizations throughout the Finger Lakes region.

The Floating Classroom Community Access Program
  • Watershed Access Fund.  This element is directed specifically to communities within the Cayuga Lake Watershed.  The  Typical assistance packages cover 40-50% of the full cost of programming.  This fund is supported by contributions from:
  • Regional Access Fund:  This element is intended to support programming for communities beyond the Cayuga Watershed.  Typical financial aid levels range from 15%-30%, and we are happy to assist with grant-writing.  This fund is supported by contributions from:
    • Private Donors

Help with Grant Writing:  In the event adequate financial assistance cannot be provided directly through existing Community Access funding, our staff will be glad to help you identify other funding sources and draft a proposal.