Cruise Program Leaders & Educators

Complementary Classroom Activities:

Our instructors can visit your class to help students interpret their lake cruise observations and experience.  We also are happy to support classroom experiments and curricula that will enhance your students' experience on the lake.  

  • ASSET Program modules: available in cooperation with the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine.  These units guide your students through hands-on experiments that provide insight into plankton biology through the study of the ciliate, "Tetrahymena". 
  • Climate Change and Cayuga:  we will share 6 years of student data on water temperatures and other features, and explore the impact of climate change on our lakes and communities.


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Cruise Activities
Hands-on activities are available throughout our cruises.  Typically, we divide larger groups into teams of 3-6 for a series of linked "mini-labs".  Select a package program, or create your own - click on the icons below for activity descriptions. Lab Worksheets are downloadable, at the bottom of this page.
Plankton Sampling

~ Ecosystems in a drop of water  
Water Clarity Testing
~ Measure sunlight penetration ~
~ Create a lake profile ~

Aquatic Plant Surveys
Sediment Sampling
Cruise Program Options
  • Cayuga Water Lab features 4 stations on the boat at a deep water site, including field/weather conditions, GPS sampling location, Secchi clarity, Water temperature and pH profile, plankton survey.  See "Elementary Worksheet.PDF"
  • Invasive Species Survey features shallow water stops at multiple locations and aquatic plant sampling and observation.
Shoreline Programs
  • Stream Study featuring a modified benthic macro-invertebrate indexing procedure, is available at Taughannock State Park and Myers Point locations.
  • Guides Hikes into gorges and along the shore are available at most locations.
  • Art Programs are available upon request!
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