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Internships & Staffing

The Floating Classroom is seeking qualified applicants to fill a year-round (seasonably variable) Master Captain position.      See position description (linked PDF document) at bottom of pageA successful applicant must have documentation of prior experience, a valid US Coast Guard captain’s license (50 ton minimum), proficiency piloting a 46 ton twin-screw tour vessel, and ability to work in a range of weather conditions. Candidates must be physically capable of assisting disabled passengers, performing rescue, and general boat maintenance tasks. Candidates must agree to drug-free certification and testing, as required by maritime law. Candidates should reside in the Ithaca area during the period of April 1 through November 30th, and provide their own personal transportation.

NOTE - ASSISTANT CAPTAIN AND CREW POSITIONS WILL BE POSTED JANUARY 1.  These positions will be seasonal and part-time, running approximately April 15 - October 31, 2018.   Advance inquiries may be submitted to
  • Candidates for captain position must have current, 50-ton masters' certification.
  • Crew positions will include interpretive, education and deckhand duties.

We offer high school and college-level internships throughout the year.  Each Floating Classroom internship is designed to
address the personal goals of the incoming candidate.  Focus areas include education, communication, social justice & sustainability and environmental sciences, and we are happy to support explorations into more specific aspects of these fields.


Summer 2018 Internships will be announced shortly.  Contact, for details.
    • College Summer Internships (Mid-May through August, 2018):  We anticipate offering two or more internships to assist with tourism programs development and marketing, educational programs and high school intern program management. 
    • High School Summer Internships, 2018:  We anticipate offering two levels of opportunity for high-school aged candidates:
      • introductory summer internships (July-August) will be offered at level of 15-20 hours/week.
      • advanced internship opportunities involved educational programs and opportunities to work as crew on the MV Haendel and gain interpretive experience on public tours, will also be offered, throughout the cruise season. 
      • Stay tuned for details!

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    Summer Youth Intern (Up to 6 positions open now!):   High school interns will work in a team setting, and will assist Floating Classroom instructors with boat maintenance, projects and interpretive programs aboard a 45-foot vessel on Cayuga Lake.  Interns will take on a focus project of their choosing, relating to environmental science, community education or information technology.  This project may take up to 50% of internship time, and may include independent research.  This position is designed to support career explorations, job and communication skills.  Training in basic boating and safety will be provided.
        1. Experience:  None necessary.  Familiarity with boats and boat safety are helpful.   A general interest in ecology and communication is a plus.    Training will be provided.  Please tell us if you have First Aid or Life Guard certifications.
        2. Physical Requirements:  Must be prepared to work outdoors on a boat, in a range of weather conditions.  Minimum age 14.  

        3. Hours:   Each intern is expected to make a commitment for the summer of 12-20 hours/week during July and August.  Accommodations are made, however, for family vacations and other commitments.  Interns participate in weekly group work sessions and should expect to work 2-4 cruises each week.  Some weekend availability required.  Spring training session will be scheduled.

        4. Reimbursement:  May be arranged through a third-party employment program, such as Youth Employment Services programs.

      Application Process:  Send us a letter (Email to telling us about yourself, and why you are interested in this position.  If you have a resume or portfolio, we will be happy to review it, but that is not required.  We will contact you to set up an interview.  Please be aware that we receive more applications than we can place.    Application Deadline is April 29, 2016.

    Bill Foster,
    Nov 20, 2017, 6:45 PM