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We thank these community members near and far for their support of our educational and environmental missions. Our most recent donors are acknowledged below. We will be adding to this page continuously.
Help Us Buy a Boat for Everyone Campaign Donors

Bald Eagle ($5000 and above)
Your name could be here!

Lake Sturgeon ($2500 and above)
Martin Hatch Fund

Lake Trout ($1000 and above)
Your name could be here!

Largemouth Bass ($500 and above)
Cathy Ingraham
Cayuga Lake National Bank

Rainbow Smelt ($250 and above)
Your name could be here!

Plankton Level (Donations of $100 and above)
Beverly Baker
Gretchen Schauss

Foundations and Granting Agencies

Cayuga Foundation
The Friendship Fund

For Trout in the Classroom programs:

Business and Corporate Sponsors

Cayuga Lake National Bank

Fundraising Champions

Cayuga Lake Watershed Network
Peachtown Elementary School

Individual Supporters 


Carroll Cook
James Coulombe
Brenda Lola Schissel
Jeff Werner

NY Gives Day 2017 Donors

Save the Date! November 28, 2017

Giving is Gorges 2017 Donors

Anonymous (4)
Vito Brancato
Marian Brown
Tanya Cooke
Peter J. Davies
Kathy Earnest-Koons
Cynthia Kinsland
Lee Chee Kiong
Hilary Lambert
Karen Lartin
Sherman Lee
Yoke Lee Lee
Lynn Leopold
James Lerberg
Bruce Lewenstein
Colleen McLinn
Alexandra Newman
Jason Shank
Alfred T. Vawter